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WTNV Enamel Pins

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Sheriff's Secret Police: Convince certain people you are supposed to be doing what you are doing with this 1.5" enamel pin! Please note this pin does not grant you power to access places you are not already authorized or the power to arrest people who are not listening to you.

Night Vale Radio Intern Pin: Remember when you got this for your one-week anniversary, and wondered how weird it was that they considered that an accomplishment? Designed by Kate Leth! 1.75" wide enamel pin with two clutches on the back!

Scary Deer: It's back. It's out back. In the back yard. It's looking at us. It's looking at everything. Artwork by Jessica Hayworth. 1.25" enamel lapel pin with a clutch/butterfly back.

Glow Cloud: Some people complain about or even fear the glow cloud. Not You. You're like, "Hey! It's raining free dead animals!" When life gives you a glow cloud, make a tasty meat meal out of the dead animals it rains down. Designed by Iain Burke. 1.25" die-struck soft enamel lapel pin with a clutch/butterfly back. The purple parts emit a faint glow in total darkness, like it's dying.

Note: For the glittery pins, small amount of the glitter may rub off when they are new. This is normal.