The World of Tomorrow Book

Politics, Religion, and Economics


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In this world full of polarized politics, corporate shills dancing angrily with spineless officials, and the rest of us laughing to keep from crying, Tom Tomorrow has been steadfastly and incisively documenting every absurdist turn of events. Now, in handy future-proof form, is his take on the last two insane years of American politics, exhaustively annotated by the author. Never missing a lie, hypocrisy, or jaw-dropping outrage from the right (or the left), Tom Tomorrow's newest collection is sure to please longtime fans and anyone who's been paying attention at all to anything.

Book Info: A compilation of syndicated cartoons from the past two years. Full color, 8" x 8", 128 pages, ISBN 978-1-936561-73-5. Satisfaction steadfastly assured.

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