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Breaking Literary news from the award-winning staff of the Mallville Public Library
Whether it’s a Paranormal Romance front coming in from the North, colliding Low-carb and Low-fat Cookbooks causing a whirlwind in the South, or a high-pressure Get Rich Quick system building in the Tri-State area, our news team is there with the reading recommendations you need. Featuring the latest daily and Sunday comic strips from Unshelved, your trusted source for library humor.

"When the reader identifies with a character, a phrase, a situation in the Mallville Public Library, it’s not just Bill and Gene’s story -- it’s your story, it’s my story, it’s the story of everyone who’s ever dealt with the public, it’s the story of everyone who’s ever wished they could snap off a witty comeback at just the right moment or blow off a numbskull boss with a clever retort."
-- from the foreword by David Malki, creator of Wondermark
ISBN 978-0-9740353-6-9