Medieval Inventory Dry Erase Whiteboard

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"Greetings and welcome to the Musty Bugbear Inn! What shall I get for you, weary traveler?"

The innkeeper paused and smiled, waiting for the adventurer's response. The smile turned to a look of confusion, for the adventurer said nothing, his expression unchanging. This was because the adventurer was a refrigerator, and could not talk.

Anyway, write stuff you need to put in your fridge on this handsome whiteboard! It's made out of tempered hardboard, and it's shiny, and it's about as big as a placemat (9" x 12.5") which leaves you plenty of room to write both items you don't have AND passive-aggressive notes to your roommates telling them that it's their turn to clean the friggin' kitchen.

It also comes with TWO custom whiteboard markers with which you are LEGALLY OBLIGED to only write awesome things!