Here at ol' TopatoCo, we work directly with our clients and partners to make all the cool stuff you see on the site. We believe that artists should be paid fairly for their art and that's why everything we sell is officially licensed.

Did you make something based on the work of one of our creators? Did you create a piece of art that you’d like us to consider putting on our merch? We're curious to hear from you! Please email us at and tell us all about it. We can't make any promises but maybe we can work together to make something cool!

Submission Guidelines

  • Please do not send large art files. If you want to show us what you've got, a small image file attached to the email or a link to a filesharing site like dropbox or google drive work best.
  • Please be professional in your communication. Your emails will only be shown to our clients/partners if your submission is approved. If you wish to try to communicate with them directly, the best way to do it is through their agents or social media channels
  • If you have a website with other examples of your art, please feel free to send us a link!