Want to carry TopatoCo stuff in your real-life store? That's cool. You can apply for a wholesale account at TopatoCo and score a cool 40% off almost everything we carry, with free shipping on orders in excess of $50.

How the heck do you get a wholesale account? Email the following informations to TopatoCo Sales Enforcement at sales[a]topatoco.com:

  1. The name, phone number and shipping address/location and the website address (if available) of your store.
  2. TAX ID or other such government-type ID number.
  3. E-mail address you want to use for your account, if different from the one you use normally.
To be eligible for wholesale pricing, you must have a physical store and a valid Federal Tax ID. We prefer not to wholesale to online stores, as we are an online store ourselves. We also offer wholesale pricing and/or donations to libraries.

Here are some other things to consider:
  • Much of our inventory is a mix between stuff we publish and stuff we don't. Only certain products are eligible for wholesale discounts. Contact us in advance with what you'd like to get and we'll let you know.
  • Wholesale pricing is 40% off the retail price
  • We require a five (5) piece per item minimum
  • We offer free shipping to our domestic wholesale customers
  • T-shirts may only be purchased wholesale at a minimum quantity of 40 of the same design and may take up to two weeks to fulfill. Pricing for shirts varies on the type of shirt and number of colors in the design. Please contact sales[a]topatoco.com for more information.
If approved, we'll put you on our list of approved buyers and you can start placing orders to us right away. You can then pick from the list below and contact sales[a]topatoco.com for your order.

Thank you for your interest, and thanks for supporting independent artists!

TopatoCo Sales Enforcement and Wholesale Outreach Program