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A Softer World comics! Who among us doesn't remember the first time they read A Softer World through half-shut, swollen eyelids, not sure if you're more afraid about Dad coming home or the sun coming up. Now you can remember that moment for always and for all time, even after they take your computer.

But how do I order them? Just find the comic you want here and enter the URL or comic ID in the little text area up there. Or, if you came from a link A Softer World archive page, the number is already there! Just add it to your basket where it will save for several hours. Repeat as necessary until acceptable level of comfort and/or ennui is achieved.

Print Info: 16" or 24" wide, printed on high quality enhanced doubleweight matte paper. Printed here at TopatoCo using our own, giclée printer, for the best quality prints commercially available in this particular plane of existence. *Please note that the "mouse-over" alt-text on the site does not appear anywhere on the print.* Most ship in strong, fat little tubes.