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The darker themes and sharper-edged R&B sound of MIRRORS BREAK BACK are no accident. These 6 songs were conceived as a meditation on self-hate and a direct response to McKeown’s 2016 ode to self-confidence and identity, ACCORDING TO US. Synths, programmed beats, and multi-tracked doo-wop background vocals add new shades of expression for McKeown as she wrestles with her worst impulses and negative thoughts.

“I struggle with insecurities like anyone else. With the darker turn of politics, I decided to explore the less positive voices that exist in my head. I think we have to first acknowledge and understand how we diminish ourselves with our own thoughts before we can more effectively fight the powers that are actively trying to break us from the outside. Sometimes I am my own worst enemy, and I’ve got to work through that so I have the foundation to help others. Even though these songs each begin in shadow, they pull towards light. It’s true that mirrors break back, but not for long.”

** Please note that the physical CD of MIRRORS BREAK BACK also contains the 6 tracks of ACCORDING TO US, re-mastered and re-sequenced. One CD = Two EPs. **

Track List / Click for Lyrics

1. Pretty Little Cemetery
2. You Cannot
3. That Sunday Sound
4. You And Your Cigarettes
5. Some Kind Of
6. Mirrors Break Back