Squishable Utahraptor GIANT PLUSH


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Squishable Utahraptor is giant (the same size as T-Rex, about 20 inches from snout to tail. We have spent two years making Utahraptor as soft and cute and huggable as possible, which is hard when you consider he's one of nature's perfect killing machines, but easy when you see how adorable he can be. Utahraptor is a sensible dinosaur with stripes on his belly who would like to sleep in your bed, or at least hang out on your couch and support your head when you read. He's here to help! And be squished! He is best friends with T-Rex. That's real nice. He does costs a little more than T-Rex because of his COMPLICATED/AWESOME EXTERNAL GEOMETRY, but we made up for it by adding in 250% more love. It's inside there! Don't check!

I kinda love this guy, and I am not afraid to admit it. My mom tried to steal him but I told her "NO WAIT".

- Ryan North

DETAILS: 100% polyester, made in China in an ICTI-CARE certified facility. Complies with ASTM & CPSIA safety standards.

Admiral Ackbar figures and Toto CD not included