Sam and Fuzzy Mashup Magnets


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Transform your refrigerator (or any other magnetic-receptive surface) into a bear-building laboratory with Sam and Fuzzy Mashup Magnets! What will you build? A two-headed Mega Bat? A four-legged Ninja Pirate? Or, combine pieces from both sets to construct gigantic, magnetic monstrosities!

Series 1-1 includes: Axe-weilding Fuzzy, Mega Fuzzy, and Bat Fuzzy... plus a bonus fishbowl head, wheel leg and tentacle neck-splitter!

Series 1-2 includes: Ninja Mafia Fuzzy, Fantasy Warrior Fuzzy, and Post-Apocalyptic Pirate Cyborg Fuzzy... plus a bonus robot arm, Future Fuzzy head, and UFO body-splitter! Get both together and save TWO DOLLARS.