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Mission to Zyxx Pins


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Bargie Pin: Adorn your bag, backpack or Alliance-issued shorts with this shiny new Bargarean Jade pin!

  • 1 inch wide
  • Shiny silver cloisonné for a smooth finish and bright colors
  • Metal butterfly clasps
  • Comes in a nifty acrylic box in case you want to keep it minty for Bargie's inevitable return to galactic fame

Beano Pin: Beano say hello! Everyone’s favorite warm bean is here in pin form! Attach this thermodynamic law-bender to the satchel or lapel of your choice, and let its cold, spiraled eyes disturb anyone in its immediate vicinity.

  • 1 inch tall — so, like, 1:3 scale?
  • Soft enamel and a recessed fill so you can feel every spiral and nipple
  • Metal butterfly clasp
  • Comes in a safe acrylic box in case you’re concerned it will begin to move or talk on its own
  • Why did we make this pin, you ask? Well, the kids love Beano. That’s what it’s all about, right?